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Voice Over IP Service Now Available - Saturday, November 3, 2007
Millhouse Electronics has added yet another valuable feature to our wireless internet offerings. All customers are elegible to upgrade their account to include Voice over IP Telephone service. Service starts $25.95 for unlimited local and long distance calls, caller id, and call waiting. Change your service, and keep your current number. Call 637-2854 for more details or to sign up today! 

New Even Lower Cost Internet Plans Added! - Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Millhouse Electronics is now offering a broader range of internet service plans in the South East Wyoming, Cheyenne area, as we continue to expand our coverage and services we are proud to be Cheyenne Wyoming's 100% locally owned internet service provider. read more ...

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Millhouse Electronics is southeast Wyoming's premier provider of wireless Wireless Internet Subscriber Moduleinternet services. Since 1995 we've grown from providing two-way radio services to a regional Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). We have the largest wireless internet coverage area of anyone in southeast Wyoming Cheyenne area (click here for our coverage maps). Millhouse Electronics is continually working to enlarge our internet service coverage area for new customers, and to offer our current customers with new features and benifits. Visit our Wireless Internet Page for plans and prices.

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Daily Report: Hollywood Increases Its Digital Security Efforts
To better protect scripts, casting decisions, budgets and other sensitive files, filmmakers are turning to new tools to thwart hackers and block prying eyes.

The Path Toward Tomorrow’s Internet
The role of government in nurturing new technology and the rising importance of the Internet of Things were themes of a conference on the next-generation Internet.

For Hardware Makers, Sharing Their Secrets Is Now Part of the Business Plan
Patenting everything is so 2005. Companies like Facebook and Tesla Motors have followed the lead of open-source software, and now expose hardware designs possibly worth millions.

Slack Gets Hacked as Start-Up Technologies Become Targets
Communications start-up Slack gets hacked, just days after Twitch discloses a similar incident.

Tech Executives Pressure Indiana After Passage of Controversial Law
An industry with a long history of supporting gay rights is starting to speak out against a new Indiana law that gives legal cover to people who refuse to do business with same-sex couples.

Google and Johnson & Johnson Team for Robotic Surgery Projects
Google and Johnson & Johnson announced a partnership to develop new robot-assisted surgery technologies but offered few details.

Daily Report: Live-Streaming Apps Aspire to Be Next Big Thing in Social Media
Apps that help users broadcast themselves live from their phones are catching the eye of tech heavyweights and venture capitalists. Periscope is Twitter’s big entry into this realm. Other apps include Meerkat and Camio.

New Google C.F.O. Gets $70 Million Pay Package (and $7,500 to Move)
Google's new financial chief will join the search giant in May after a long career at Morgan Stanley.

Facebook Sees Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets Shipping This Year
Michael Schroepfer, Facebook's vice president of engineering, told developers that the company's Oculus VR unit would get its PC-based virtual reality headset to consumers this year. That puts a lot of pressure on Oculus.

With Chosen, ‘American Idol’ Meets YouTube Meets Mobile Devices
On the new app Chosen, would-be stars upload videos of themselves performing a song, which armchair judges then critique with their own response videos.

A First Look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
Everything about the new phones seems designed to convey a simple message: Samsung has changed.

Daily Report: Facebook’s High-Stakes Bet on Drones to Deliver Internet Service
In the high-stakes competition for domination of the Internet, Facebook is under pressure to show that it, too, can pursue projects that are more speculative than product.

Facebook’s Yann LeCun Discusses Digital Companions and Artificial Intelligence (and Emotions)
The head of Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Lab foresees a day when we all have artificial helpers that understand us, all of the information in the world, and what we need to know next.

Lyft Adds Profiles to Make Ride Sharing More Personalized
Lyft is adding user profiles of passengers and drivers to its mobile app, so rides can be more tailored and conversational.

F.T.C. Addresses Its Choice Not to Sue Google
The agency issued a rare statement defending its choice not to take legal action after investigating Google for anticompetitive behavior in 2011 and 2012.