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Voice Over IP Service Now Available - Saturday, November 3, 2007
Millhouse Electronics has added yet another valuable feature to our wireless internet offerings. All customers are elegible to upgrade their account to include Voice over IP Telephone service. Service starts $25.95 for unlimited local and long distance calls, caller id, and call waiting. Change your service, and keep your current number. Call 637-2854 for more details or to sign up today! 

New Even Lower Cost Internet Plans Added! - Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Millhouse Electronics is now offering a broader range of internet service plans in the South East Wyoming, Cheyenne area, as we continue to expand our coverage and services we are proud to be Cheyenne Wyoming's 100% locally owned internet service provider. read more ...

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Millhouse Electronics is southeast Wyoming's premier provider of wireless Wireless Internet Subscriber Moduleinternet services. Since 1995 we've grown from providing two-way radio services to a regional Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). We have the largest wireless internet coverage area of anyone in southeast Wyoming Cheyenne area (click here for our coverage maps). Millhouse Electronics is continually working to enlarge our internet service coverage area for new customers, and to offer our current customers with new features and benifits. Visit our Wireless Internet Page for plans and prices.

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Chiefs of T-Mobile and Sprint Spar on Twitter
The penchant of T-Mobile's chief executive to bluntly criticize the competition has appeared to rub off on the chief executive of another wireless carrier.

Daily Report: As More Tech Start-Ups Stay Private, So Does the Money
Fledgling companies are increasingly delaying initial public offerings of stock, which can keep the risks — and rewards — limited to venture capitalists and hedge funds.

In Tests, Yahoo Uses Google to Power Search Results and Ads
Yahoo is turning to the world's dominant provider of web searches to power some of its own search results. The tests could lead to a deeper relationship between the two companies, whose previous efforts to cooperate on search were blocked by antitrust regulators.

Google Photos Mistakenly Labels Black People ‘Gorillas’
Google apologized after a user posted a photo on Twitter showing that the Google Photos app had labeled black people as "gorillas."

The Sharing Economy Visits the Backcountry
A company called Hipcamp now offers “land sharing,” a sharing economy term for campsites on private land.

Daily Report: Apple Music Goes Boldly Where Others Have Gone Before
If the new service is successful, it could deliver billions of dollars in revenue to the music industry and establish streaming music as a stable business.

Facebook Wins a Round in Austrian Court Case
Max Schrems, an Austrian law student, had accused the social media giant of violating Europe’s tough privacy rules.

Zuckerberg Takes Questions in Facebook Session Marred by Tech Troubles
Facebook's chief responded to ordinary users and celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger about the nature of happiness and the future of social media, but the session went offline for several minutes.

Bigger, Cheaper, Faster Data in the Cloud
The same people who brought advanced data analysis to President Obama's campaign is announcing a set of big data tools available through Amazon Web Services.

Daily Report: AOL to Take Over Display Advertising for Microsoft
When the deal for Verizon to buy AOL was announced last month, executives from both companies said AOL was an appealing acquisition because of its advertising technology. On Monday, AOL showed some of that value in announcing a deal with Microsoft

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal in Google-Oracle Copyright Fight
A years-long copyright fight between Google and Oracle will continue. At issue are the bits of code that help pieces of software work together, called Application Programming Interfaces.

Uber to Acquire Mapping Technology and Know-How From Microsoft
The ride-hailing company further bolsters its mapping technology and engineering bench.

Daily Report: Apple Can Afford Some Mistakes, Just Not on Products
The tech giant has managed to keep government regulators at bay and to appease a pop star angry over Apple Music. But the true test remains how well the company’s products work.

Behind Silicon Valley’s Self-Critical Tone on Diversity, a Lack of Progress
Tech giants like eBay, Facebook and Google acknowledge that they have work to do to increase diversity, but the repetition of that sentiment shows how little has changed.

Daily Report: The Promise of Faster Fiber-Optic Transmissions
A group of electrical engineers says that sending information in a new fashion could, in theory, double the capacity of fiber-optic circuits.