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Voice Over IP Service Now Available - Saturday, November 3, 2007
Millhouse Electronics has added yet another valuable feature to our wireless internet offerings. All customers are elegible to upgrade their account to include Voice over IP Telephone service. Service starts $25.95 for unlimited local and long distance calls, caller id, and call waiting. Change your service, and keep your current number. Call 637-2854 for more details or to sign up today! 

New Even Lower Cost Internet Plans Added! - Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Millhouse Electronics is now offering a broader range of internet service plans in the South East Wyoming, Cheyenne area, as we continue to expand our coverage and services we are proud to be Cheyenne Wyoming's 100% locally owned internet service provider. read more ...

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Millhouse Electronics is southeast Wyoming's premier provider of wireless Wireless Internet Subscriber Moduleinternet services. Since 1995 we've grown from providing two-way radio services to a regional Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). We have the largest wireless internet coverage area of anyone in southeast Wyoming Cheyenne area (click here for our coverage maps). Millhouse Electronics is continually working to enlarge our internet service coverage area for new customers, and to offer our current customers with new features and benifits. Visit our Wireless Internet Page for plans and prices.

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Weather Report - Conditions for Cheyenne, WY at 6:53 pm MST
Currently 24°F
High 33°F
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Sun Snow Showers/Wind Early
High: 33°F Low: 24°F
Mon PM Snow Showers/Wind
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High 33°F
Low 24°F
Wind Chill 14°F
Wind Speed 10 mph
Wind Direction 310
Sunrise 6:56 am
Sunset 4:32 pm
Latitude 41.15
Longitude -104.82

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What Cloud Computing Means to Your Job
The next big technology migration will change how workplaces are organized. Bad news, middle managers: You're going to get less important.

In Europe, a Resolution to Break Up Google
The nonbinding resolution could increase pressure on Europe's the competition commissioner to bring formal charges against Google.

F.C.C. Chairman Says Agency Will Not Rush Net Neutrality Rules
The chairman, Tom Wheeler, said he had not spoken with President Obama since the president publicly urged the F.C.C. to reclassify broadband Internet access as a utility.

Google Experimenting With Removing Ads for a Fee
Google started experimenting with a new way to let users contribute to websites in exchange for fewer ads.

Daily Report: Nintendo, Seeking a New Sales Hit, Releases Amiibo Figurines
On Friday, Nintendo will release two products. One, the video game Super Smash Bros., follows the company’s traditional strategy of updating a top-selling franchise for a next-generation console. But the other release, a collection of toy figurines that will interact with the game, brings the company into an already flourishing market — one that allows it to take more advantage of popular characters like Mario and Luigi.

Malicious Software Said to Spread on Android Phones
Lookout, a security company, says it has been tracking malware that over the last two years has become more sophisticated as it hit millions of devices.

Daily Report: Applicants Sanitize Online Profiles as More Colleges Pry
Warned that colleges are increasingly investigating digital histories, high school students are cleaning up their public social media activity.

Facebook Shuttle Bus Drivers Vote to Unionize
The bus drivers say they are inadequately paid and endure a stressful work schedule of split shifts.

Google Play Store Opens to Chinese Developers
Google said it would offer Chinese developers a way to sell mobile applications outside of mainland China by giving them access to its Play Store, which runs on Android phones and tablets.

Firefox Makes Yahoo Its New Default for Search, Replacing Google
Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's chief executive, signaled with the deal with Mozilla that she still believes search is a part of the company's future.

Uber’s Privacy Practices Questioned by Senator Franken
In a letter, Senator Al Franken asked Travis Kalanick, Uber's chief executive, to explain how the company uses the data it collects on its users.

Apple’s Plans for Beats Music Start to Take Shape
Apple plans to include its Beats music service in future versions of iOS, its mobile software system for iPhones and iPads.

Florida and F.T.C. Accuse Firms of Deceptively Selling Tech Support
The Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida say the companies used software designed to trick consumers into thinking their computers had bugs or errors that needed to be fixed.

Chasing Entrepreneurial Opportunity in the Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act has opened up entrepreneurial opportunities for start-ups like Stride Health, a recommendation engine for health insurance.

Daily Report: Uber, a Start-Up in Need of a Cultural Shake-Up
The start-up is facing its toughest challenge yet — curbing its ugliest, most aggressive impulses before its win-at-all-cost culture begins to turn off investors, potential employees and the public.